Projects in Distribution

Invisible young

An award-winning documentary film that tells the story of four young adults, all of whom lived on the streets of Seattle as teenagers. It takes a revealing look at their families, their day-to-day lives, their possible fates, and follows them as they strive for a hopeful, prosperous future. Released in 2013.

Project Censored

A documentary examining the work of one of the country's most respected media watchdogs: Sonoma State University's Project Censored. This film exposes the existence and frequency of censorship in today's mainstream news, includes in-depth reports of five of the projects annual top ten stories, and investigates many of the reasons why these important stories and others like them are routinely ignored by the press.

The Hurt Game

Under the direction of former UFC standout Ivan Salaverry, four young MMA fighters struggle against injury, illness, and personal demons to beat the odds and get a shot at fighting in the big leagues of MMA. Released in 2015


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